Film Progress

Barbara Van Cleve's American West Film Progress. What has the process looked like and what to expect in the upcoming months.

April 1, 2022

Barbara Van Cleve’s American West came to fruition in Fall 2021 after the director met with Barbara and realized she had a fascinating story to tell. Soon after that meeting, the pre-production process began. Pre-production consisted of meeting with Barbara regularly, collecting images and videos of her life, and speaking with family. Each of those aspects assisted the Barbara Van Cleve’s American West team develop the film’s storyline. 

Production Process

Once the team established a strong storyline, it was time to begin filming. By the time it was winter, our team was able to produce the teaser video from the footage we had already shot. We are still in the production process and will continue until 2023. Barbara’s narrative takes place in various locations and settings. Our team is dedicated to maintaining accuracy, and unfortunately, since Barbara traveled to Arizona most winters, only a few scenes were able to be shot this winter. In the meantime, the director worked with Barbara to solidify the storyline and details. 

Spring / Summer 2022

Now that things are warming up, the next couple of months are jammed-packed with film shoots. This spring and summer our team will be able to capture stunning footage of Barbara in her natural habitat, ranching, taking photographs, and telling her narrative as if she were reliving it back on the ranches she grew up on as a young girl. We also plan to travel with Barbara to events she plans to attend, such as the Cowgirl Spring Round-Up. Where Barbara is attending as an Honoree of the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.

We are excited to ramp up production these next couple of months. Check back soon for updates, clips, and exciting news. In the meantime, follow along on the journey with us on Instagram.

Recent Progress